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Lions and tigers and kneazles, oh my!

What with painless j's list of animals in HP fanfiction, and lira snape's list of Animagus fics, you might think there's no real need for a list of cats in Snarry fic. And you'd be right! But for my own amusement and for any other cat-loving Snarry fans, here it is anyway.

This is a list of Severus Snape/Harry Potter fics that either have Snape or Harry turn into a cat at some point, or feature a cat as a notable part of the story. I haven't included any drabbles, mostly because there's far too many of them to ever sort through. I've read almost everything on this list to the end, but there are a few that I just couldn't get through.

No doubt there's cat-related fics out there that I've never read, so please leave a comment if I've missed a story and I'll add it as soon as I can. Also let me know if there's another genre of Snarry fic you'd like to see a list of!

  • Lion About the House by acid and sinick, also here
    There was a lion in the middle of Snape’s sitting room.
    Snape and Harry are very ridiculous and very adorable together. The usual Acid and Sinick cleverness is here in abundance.

  • A Bittersweet Potion by Alchemia Dent & Bugland, abandoned WIP
    Harry is a shapechanger able to transform into any animal. He pretends to be a pet cat for Severus.
    This is one of the stories I couldn't make it through, not because it's poor quality, but because it goes on forever. I would still recommend reading at least the first book, because the bond Snape has with cat!Harry will tug at your heartstrings.

  • Scent of a Man by alisanne
    Severus Snape embarks on a new career, and discovers along the way that he needs the assistance of the last person on earth who would want to help him. Or so he thinks. Snape is a cat Animagus.
    A pleasant, bouncy little story. It's always nice to see Harry and Severus interacting in a work environment.

  • The Project by alisanne
    Severus knows hard times are coming. He hopes his new pet project will see him through. Snape is a cat Animagus.
    Sweet and funny. I liked the idea that the longer a wizard is transformed, the more the animal psyche can take over.

  • An HP Fairytale: Twas a dark and stormy night by angeleledhwen
    A Snarry retelling of East of the Sun and West of the Moon. Severus is a black jaguar.
    This fic hews pretty closely to the original fairytale. Even if you've never read East of the Sun and West of the Moon (I hadn't), you've probably read The Black Bull of Norroway, Cupid and Psyche, or one of the other variations of the lost husband story.

  • Lachrymose by Armand Malfoy
    Harry is an Auror sent to find an old enemy. He's in for more than he suspected when he realises that some things don't go down well with two thousand cups of coffee a day. Harry takes care of Snape's cat, Galatea.
    This story has grown on me. I didn't like it so much at first, probably because it's hard to follow at times and full of unpleasantness, but it's all in service of the point the author wants to make. Sirius and Remus's relationship is surprisingly a highlight, and marks the first time I've felt bad for Sirius since Goblet of Fire came out.

  • Scratch by Aucta Sinistra
    Snape tutors Harry, Harry faces Voldemort, Snape and Harry do the nasty, blah blah blah. Same old stuff. Oh -- there's a cat as well.
    A long fic with two sequels, The Holly and the Ivy, which I've finished, and This Thing of Darkness, which I haven't. They're excellent work; Aucta Sinistra has a knack for these kinds of long, plotty stories. These aren't my favorite fics of hers, however, because they do run into the problem student/teacher stories have where there's a greater focus on their efforts to keep their romance a secret than the romance itself (but that's just my own pet peeve).

  • Dead Snape Series by caesia390
    Harry dreams of Snape. He has a cat without a name.
    Dark lyrical stories with an emotionally tortured Harry. Works pretty well even post Deathly Hallows.

  • Disenchanted by cluegirl
    Snape rescues an abused Harry from the Dursleys. Harry transforms into a cat as a coping tool.
    Of all the Snape-rescues-Harry stories, this is probably my favorite. Snape is wonderfully possessive, and the sex scenes are just...yeah. Good mix of humor and hotness.

  • The Dreaming Spires by dementordelta
    Severus Snape is an organic chemistry professor at Oxford. Harry Potter interviews to be his assistant. Cat!Minerva is part of the story.
    If you haven't read this, do so now. Everyone and their mother has recced it, for good reason. The setting, the atmosphere, and particularly the suspense had me enthralled.

  • Season of Healing by Dien Alcyone, abandoned WIP
    Circumstances lead Harry Potter to stay with Severus Snape for the summer before his seventh year-- a development neither of them expect to be happy with. But they both have a lot to learn about each other... and a lot to unlearn. And perhaps, in the process, they can each find some healing. Snape has a talking lynx named Macavity.
    The author started writing this fanfic before the release of Order of the Phoenix, and it shows. It's full of original characters, Snape and Harry are completely OOC, and the quality's what you'd expect from something hosted on Still, it's interesting to look back on one of the early Snarry fics and see just how far they've come.

  • An Inconvenient Affliction by drachenmina
    Harry’s been kicked out by Severus and is having to share Ron and Hermione’s spare bed with Crookshanks. Who gets Kneazle Flu. Can things get any worse? Oh yes.
    Drachenmina holds a special place in my heart. Her stories are laugh-hard-enough-to-break-something funny, though as a result they aren't always totally in character. With four of her fics making this list, she is clearly a serious cat fan!

  • A Most Impractical Cat by drachenmina
    AU. During the horcrux hunt, Harry goes to Malfoy Manor in his guise as a cat to try and find Helga Hufflepuff’s cup. Things do not go according to plan.
    Drachenmina casts the Death Eaters as a wacky bunch of sexual deviants, the result is general hilarity.

  • Feline Gifts by drachenmina
    Harry and Snape get a cat. Fourth in the Harvest Gifts series, a non-magic AU.
    I like the slice-of-life feel of this universe. There's a subtle horror in realizing what Harry's life might have been if he hadn't escaped to the Wizarding World.

  • Gleanings by drachenmina
    Severus Snape hates children and werewolves - so why would he want to adopt a lycanthropic Teddy Lupin?
    Not especially cat related, but in one chapter Harry buys a house because it has ghost cats.

  • Follow Me Home by emilywaters76
    Seven years after the war, Harry Potter is gone from the wizarding world. A chance meeting in a Muggle BDSM club leaves Snape wondering about the reasons that made Harry leave. Ron and Hermione's child compares Harry and Snape to two cats.
    There's a reversal of the usual roles, with Snape determined to get closer to Harry and bring him back to the wizarding world. The writing and pacing are as brilliant as you'd expect from this author, but this just isn't my favorite of her fics. I had a problem with Harry being such a horrible dominant, especially because there is some emotionally and physically dangerous play going on.

  • Cat Magic by gingertart
    Severus Snape discovers that he likes cats, but only in moderation - then he adopts 23 of them.
    Cats help take out Voldemort! Woohoo!

  • A Bit of All Right by I Got Tired of Waiting
    Harry has a secret... Severus has a few of his own... Can they reconcile and stay together? A romance about honesty and trust in 5 Parts. Snape has a deaf cat named Cally.
    This is the second part of the Hiding Under the Ninth Earth series. I read a few pages of it, realized the timeline jumps around every few scenes, and gave up on ever finishing it.

  • The Twelfth Night: A Faerie Tale by I Got Tired of Waiting
    He lives in solitude, stripped of the life he once knew, until one Christmas a new life comes to him, changing him forever. Features a rare Scottish wildcat.
    This story is a standout from the usual holiday fluff. It's full of mystery and eerie atmosphere. It's nice to see a cat be a symbol of hope in Snape's life, as cats often are.

  • Primer to the Dark Arts by Icarus
    Harry learns he is to be given private (and secret) tutoring in the Dark Arts to protect himself next time he meets Voldemort. His teacher? Professor Snape. Features ghost cats and cursed harps, spells that are supposed to go wrong and don't, a friendly sociopathic Death Eater... and Snape's very naughty, naughty library.
    It's a long fic with an original plot, so most people will like it. As for me, I usually don't care for these kinds of underage student/teacher relationship dramas where Snape and Harry spend all their time sneaking around and lying. But I do think the tension between Harry and Ron was believable and interesting.

  • Changes by Irana
    What if Snape's death was really a way for him to truly begin his life? Snape is a panther, Harry is a serval.
    This fic's all about cat behavior, thus it gets my stamp of approval. I wouldn't say that it portrays these behaviors with real-world accuracy, but it's magic, so whatev.

  • Prefatory by Isolde
    A scene after the war. Harry/Snape, other kitten character. Established relationship.
    A gutwrenching little story, but the title gives it some hope. Really beautiful.

  • Animal Lover by laurenke1
    When Harry finds a stray outside his door, will it be a simple cat or a doorway to so much more?
    Cute and fluffy story. Writing's a bit rough and the characters are a bit flat, but there's plenty of kitty drama.

  • Where the Heart Is by Leni Jess
    Severus makes himself a home and a new life in a place he knew long before Hogwarts. Eventually someone from the wizarding world joins him in both. Harry is a Kneazle.
    I've liked some of Leni Jess's other stories, but this one's got too much telling and not enough showing.

  • Golden Star by little-sun
    Harry's new kitten finds her way down to the dungeons. No slash.
    Too full of mistakes for me to enjoy. Who knew there was an entire archive of SS/HP gen fic?

  • Book of Shadows by Lux, sequel Shadow Puppets
    The final weeks of Harry's seventh year in which he watches people have sex, skips classes, and tells Dumbledore what he really thinks. Hermione gives Crookshanks to Harry.
    Harry is one disturbed youth. There's voyeurism, cutting, suicidal thoughts, and angst-ridden artistry. It's all very teenage and self-indulgent, but I found it a pleasure to read all the same. If you liked the angry, emo Harry of OOTP, this one's for you.

  • Everybody Wants To Be a Cat by Lychee
    Harry, in his Animagus form, finds himself getting tickled by his dear Potions professor. He discovers some very strange and disturbing things about himself…and another person.
    Had me giggling all the way through. Impressive work considering it was translated from French.

  • To Have and To Hold by MontanaDan
    Visions from the Dark Lord are incapacitating Harry. Snape decides to help, regardless of whether Harry wants his help. When a relationship develops then becomes more than just lust, can they hold on to what they have? Features a possessive Snape and a sarcastic cynical Harry with the tried and true side plot of ‘must kill Voldemort’ thrown in. Harry is a black jaguar Animagus.
    At the risk of sounding like a broken record: I'm not a fan of student/teacher dramas. Here Harry is secretly super-powerful, awesome at every school subject, emotionally mature, and just a bit of a Mary Sue. Snape is a little blasé about fucking one of his students, but I did like his inner voice for the most part. It kept my interest long enough to read to the end.

  • Mine Own by psyfic
    Harry is still healing from the final battle and Severus has to use all of his Slytherin cunning to keep Harry in bed and get him to take his potions/medications, especially when Harry's stubborness causes him to take a turn for the worse.
    A fairly standard bonding fic in most respects (not that that's a bad thing). I do like the way it handles Snape's insecurities. Harry is a calico kneazle, strange because one: kneazles don't come in calico and two: Harry would have to have two X chromosomes.

  • A Grim Old Cat by oliversnape
    In which Harry finds comfort in his own routines, solitude, Grimmauld Place, and normality in the sound of incoming trains. He ought to have known a cat would subtly change things to suit its own machinations.
    God, is this one lovely. I love the quieter "healing from a traumatic past" variants of hurt/comfort, and who better to provide comfort than a cat?

  • The Fourteen Days of Valentine's by Raine
    Snape gives Harry a series of gifts leading up to Valentine's Day. On the fourth Harry receives four kittens. He proceeds to give them all atrocious names.
    This one's really, really out there. I don't buy that Snape would engage in grand public displays of affection without a very compelling reason. And the gifts made no sense either, the "special" chocolates in particular.

  • The Company You Keep by ravenna_c_tan, also here
    The war is over. Severus Snape wants to be left alone. Draco wants Snape. Snape decides a stray cat is a better companion that a Malfoy, given what he learned about both Malfoy and Potter in the days after Voldemort had captured Harry.
    A dark but uplifting fic about healing after war. I love seeing the devoted pet owner lurking underneath Snape's cruel exterior, and the pride he takes in his kitty is completely aww-inspiring.

  • Consolation Prize by regan_v
    Harry owes Snape a favor. Snape asks to marry him. They end up with a kitten named Hooch.
    I like Regan V's writing style, but Snape as a narcissistic, unfeeling bastard is OOC in my opinion. It's still worth a read.

  • Contrapasso by rexluscus
    Harry is assigned to a maximum security prison where prisoners have been shrunk to the size of dolls. Attila is a male tortoiseshell(?) working as a prison guard.
    I couldn't finish this, the torture and rape made me feel physically ill. This may or may not have been the author's intent. But there's surely people who enjoy seeing Harry take control in an abuse-of-power scenario, and it is quite well-written. Just not my cup of tea.

  • Cat-eyed by screaminglungs
    Severus comes home to find Harry upset. Harry is a cat Animagus.
    Established relationship, short and sweet.

  • The Christmas Gift by Severitus
    Harry gets Snape in the Christmas spirit by giving him a holiday gift...a black kitten.
    When I see Severitus's name, I think of Snarry incest, which sadly this story does not have. It's Christmas fluff, silly and cutesy.

  • With Eyes Wide Open by suitesamba
    When Narcissa Malfoy calls in her life debt so that Severus can fulfill the terms of his grandfather’s will and secure the Prince family estate, Harry agrees to marry Severus Snape and live with him for a year and a day. But Prince Manor hides a secret in its overgrown gardens, and Narcissa isn’t helping Severus out because of her kind heart. Harry thinks he’s going into the marriage with eyes wide open, but he has to maneuver around the Malfoys’ machinations and come to terms with his growing feelings for Severus even as the magic in the gardens gives his life a new, unexpected purpose. A barn cat gives birth to four kittens.
    Another entry in the "forced marriage" genre. This one benefits from a long, slow building of Severus and Harry's relationship and would be quite a romantic story if the ubiquitous Malfoys weren't all being skeezy as hell. The author deserves major props for giving her characters puzzling, inscrutable motivations of their own.

  • Felinated! by the_con_cept
    A potions accident leaves Snape as a cat until who-knows-when. Harry’s already got his hands full when a prankster starts sabotaging the rebuilding of Hogwarts. But what if it’s not just a prank?
    Another humorous story. A very in-character Ron and Hermione make a brief appearance in this fic, but Snape steals the show as a vindictive, spoiled drama queen of a cat.

  • Paws In Training by Two Peas in a Pod
    Harry and Snape finally manage the Animagus transformation.
    Sugary cuteness. Questionable cat ethology.

  • The Predator's Club by Winifred Zachery and Yivel
    Severus is part of an exclusive club of big cat Animagi.
    There is sex between wizards in animal form and humans. If you can handle that, then you're in for one entertaining read. Fast-paced and full of cat-and-mouse games.

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